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Manekpore - Rethvania is a small lively and peaceful village in the state of Gujarat in western India off Indian National Highway  8

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Why We Need Education?

Posted by Webmaster on November 8, 2009 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Lack of education is the root of several problems; Educationis the key to unlocking human potential. The acquisition of skills and knowledge enables people to overcome poverty and disease· When individuals have the chance to learn basic life and literacy skills, when people go to school, Education enables people to come out of oppression and alienation and to take control of their lives· they are able to eventually earn more money and support their families.

It's the worlds poorest Muslims who are missing out on education today. And it's the worlds poorest Muslims who stand the most to gain if they had the chance to learn.

Everyone deserves an education... yet right now Muslims are missing out especially in non Muslim countries they are being discriminated against. Education is a human right. Human rights are inherent, every person is born with them and they cannot be given or taken away. Rights establish the basic standards without which people cannot live in dignity.

The majority of Muslims without an education live in the world's poorest countries; everyone no matter where they are born deserves a chance to receive a quality education.

In many rural Muslims villages children miss out where there are no schools available, or are being discriminated or being excluded from education because they simply cannot afford the cost of going to school - whether the cost of school fees, uniforms or books.

Many children are excluded from school as they're working to support their family, or staying at home and caring for sick members of the family.

In most poor villages women and girls are last to get the opportunities to learn - often because boys are favoured when families are not able to send all their children to school.due to lack of funds.

Education empowers communities and gives people the confidence to shape their own future some parents cannot solve all the problems alone.Voluntary Sector can also play an important role in providing Education, which is the root cause of many problems.

The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said

“One should seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”


My Love For Manekpore

Posted by Mohamed Ali Ravat (Lakhi) on November 5, 2009 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)


I am Mohamed Ali Yusuf Ravat (Lakhi) grandson of Famous Late Haji Ahmed Ebrahim Ravat (Lakhi Patel) and eldest son of Late Haji Yusuf Ahmed Ravat (Lakhi) and curator of this website.


Manekpore is very close to my heart, I spent happiest time of my life there,I spent my childhood with my grandparents and my great grandmother, I must be luckiest person on earth to spent time with ones great grandmother, I have many fond memories of manekpore.

I was born in U.K. but I spent 8 years in Manekpore when there was no electric, no transport or water supply they had to fill water from local wells, my family has been actively involved in running of manekpore from both side of my family from my mothers and my fathers side, my fathers side has been involved in running the village (gam) for 4 generations, first my great grandfather Haji Ebrahim Ismail Ravat, my famous grand father late Haji Ahmed Ebrahim Ravat (LakhiPatel), who was committee chairman and Patel of the village in India for many years until he came to U.K.,brought many facilities to manekpore like electric, bus service, construction of village bridge with his influence in local governments and many other charitable projects to him and his two brothers Musa and amojis name.

My father Haji Yusuf Ahmed Ravat (Lakhi) was also Chairman here in U.K until he passed away in 2000, he also has had many projects to his name like pushing for long term investments for our Association (jamaat), Cooking equipment etc and many other charitable projects in India like building mosques, water bore holes and pumps for poor and building houses for the poor etc, I have also been involved in our Association for last 20 years on and off helping my father when it was possible,I hope to follow in their foot steps inshallah and give something back to manekpore, where I spent happiest time of my life.


Please make dua for all the marhoomeens and Jazakallah Khair to all who complimented me for creating this site.


Mohamed Ali Yusuf Ravat (Lakhi)