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Manekpore - Rethvania is a small lively and peaceful village in the state of Gujarat in western India off Indian National Highway  8

Manekpore - Rethvania

 Via Rankuva, dist Navsari, Gujarat, India, pin code 396560

The purpose of this website is to bring all "Manekpore Walas" into one place from across the globe. And allow the new and old generations to interact, Exchange old stories, create new friends amongst Manekpore Walas. share ideas how to make Manekpore better place to live, And give a little bit back to our motherland Manekpore, where our forefathers came from; they sacrificed everything by leaving their families behind for our bright future.We must not forget our forefathers roots, culture and heritage, and also we must not let our young generations forget.

What some of us now have taken for granted, calling ourselves British and South Africans and forgotten our ancestral roots, we must not forget where our roots lie and who made it possible and where they came from, Just think if our forefathers didn't make the months long journeys by steamer ships to unknown Continent Africa in the late 1880s and then into Europe in late 1950s, just think where would we have been today.

We have fortunately made our homes in 'rich and pleasant' lands thanks to our elders, who left their families behind to travel all over the globe in search for jobs and good life, so they can lay foundations for our bright future. The things we now have taken for granted,We have all settled in Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East, some of us have forgotten our roots and the sacrifices our elders made for us, We are so busy with our lives here that we don't even have time to visit our forefathers graves back home.

In the age of technology our motherlands has been bought closer as if it was next door, India is just a click away via internet or just 10 hours' away by plane. It has therefore, become easy for us to go to our motherland India, meet our families and relatives and trace back our ancestral roots that we have forgotten; we must come closer to the sources of our culture and civilization. Such visits are learning stone to charge our batteries and inspire our lives here in the west.

We hope that there will be regular contributors to this site from all the Manekpore Walas based across the globe. Our aim is to keep all Manekpore Walas in touch with our motherland, to keep the new generations informed about our village, to take part in our Association's charitable and educational projects and persuade them to become member of our Association (Jamaat) to give a little bit back to our community and motherland manekpore, where our elders came from. To become member of our Manekpore Association U.K. (Jamaat) it's less than £1 a month.

This site is managed by new generation of Manekpore Walas and supervised by MMJ U.K. Our aim is to inform and educate all Manekpore Walas worldwide. We request all Manekpore Walas to register to the site for regular updates of any news and events, all visitors are requested to comment about our site and any suggestions you may have to improve the site. We encourage our elders to share any old stories and old photos you may have of manekpore, please forward them to us at [email protected]  Make Duas for all the marhoomeens (forefathers) who made it possible for what we have today and thank Allah for making it possible. Thank you for your co-operation, and enjoy the site.



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